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And welcome to Home Circumcisions.
We offer a proffesional home visit service, right in your home.

Call now...

Please feel free to contact us to discuss the procedure.
Mobile: 07970-630-495
Landline: 020-3375-6137

Why Home Visits?

Your home is the Safest and most Convenient place to perform the circumcision.
No need to travel with your newborn
Mums can comfortably breastfeed
No nasty germs around
No waiting time at the surgery

Our Reputation is as Solid as our Service

  1. The circumcision was very quick and neat, I would highly recommend Rabbi Leifer to everyone
    - Bare Opeodu 

  2. Thanks so much Rabbi. Excellent home visit service and to check the baby afterwards.
    parents of baby Nathan,
    Abbey wood, London

  3. Rabbi leifer did a very good and extremely clean circumcision for my son. The after care was great.
    - Patricia Olaoye london 

  4. Your service was excellent, made it very manageable for my partner who was not entirely comfortable with it. Your aftercare service has been marvellous.
    N. James London